Hi there! This is me, Héctor. This is my first post, and I’m both excited and nervous for it.

I’ve decided to write in English, even if it’s not my mother tongue, with both thoughts in mind: first, practice to share ideas in English, I use to work in this language, but practicing to share what my mind wants to show to the world will give me more agility in using this language; and second, I have a global mindset, so even if I am not looking for an specific audience for my posts, I would like to be as understandable as possible for all the people that wants to spend time reading what I have to say. So, please, don’t blame on me. In any case, I will be open to answer questions in Spanish as well, so don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you think.

In this blog I’m going to talk about technology, product management, strategy, digital world, entrepreneurship, social impact… all topics that are part of my interests and what are part of what I am. There’ll be a lot of opinion on the posts, shaping them to how I see the world, so don’t think that they are going to be the right solution for something: they’re my point of view and don’t represent anyone or anything more than me.

Once this said, many thanks for spending your time with me, and remember, you can say “Hola Héctor” here, by Twitter, LinkedIn or dropping some lines by email.

Let’s start!